Mathematics Braille Training Programs

Math Strategies for Learning There are many simple strategies that we use to help our braille-reading student put the 'pieces of the math puzzle' together. The following list of learning strategies is being used with our entire class:

Include your braille-reading student in all of your lessons and teach them the same concepts as the rest of the students in your class. Never assume that this student will not be able to learn a concept because of their vision.

Ensure that your braille-reading student understands the concepts and steps of the operation though low-tech tools, such as manipulatives, the abacus and brailler before using high-tech devices.

Verbalize anything that you write on the board. Give specific and detailed verbal instructions. Verbalize what you are looking at rather than saying "this problem over here" or "who can tell me what's wrong with the answer on the board." Your student will need to know what the problem is before he or she can attempt to understand and answer such a question.

Encourage plenty of dialogue about the concepts being learned. For example, your braille-reading student can be paired with his or her peer to discuss or manually show to solved a problem.

Relate math concepts to things that are already familiar to your braille-reading student. Integrate math concepts, such as geometry, with orientation and mobility practice.

Provide opportunities for your braille-reading student to show you how to solve a math problem using their manipulatives. This strategy can also be used for test taking.

Class notes can be provided from you or from a friend and brailled for the student as soon as possible. The best situation is to have the notes brailled ahead of time so that he or she can follow your lesson.

Ensure all handouts and notes are transcribed and ready to hand out with the materials for the rest of the class. Consider how concept gaps can develop if students don't have the necessary materials they need for their learning.

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