Residential Care

Shahzad Khan Society is a well-known organization where the people with disabilities and senior citizens enter into our residential home for various problematic reasons. Different people have different needs which sometime lack due to poor care and results in some sort of disability either temporary or sometimes permanent disability especially concern for the old age people having no basic necessities from their caretakers, we provide shelters to those people just to fulfill their needs. The setting of the residential care should offer a homely atmosphere to all of them as much as possible. Which makes it the goal of our organization to work for the welfare of the people who suffering disabilities and lack of poor care. The key factors in our residential care unit includes.

• Medical Treatment
• Homely Environment
• Recreational Activities for entertainment
• Trip to redress the grievances of people
• Refreshment (Food and Beverages etc.)

At this point, the staff in residential care unit help the people to not limit their lives just to the boundaries of the premises, but actively support the residents to participate in outdoor activities as well like a brief tour and movie entertainment to redress the grievances of the people. We take care of our disable persons including children, young and old one’s with healthy treatments, providing the very comfortable environment with play area where children entertained themselves. We offer scholarships for all the needy children and young talented people with supporting in terms of finance and morality. All the people get good and healthy food thrice a day with different taste including continental and Chinese variety of food.

Following facilities are provided to the children and senior citizens:

• Special classes for children having learning difficulties
• Free books available to all the adults and children
• Separate residential portions are available for male and female
• These homes provide all the basic needs of residents including food, cloth, shelter, medicines, recreation etc.
• The old and infirm persons of three categories unclaimed, financially unsound and person with disabilities can stay in these home for life
• The individual is allowed to stay for a period of 6 months to one year and further extendable in special cases with restrictions imposed. In the meanwhile, efforts are made for reconciliation with their families for arbitration
• We provide the clothes, shoes and blankets for all the needy people living inside out for better care.

95-E, Allama Iqbal Road,
Garhi Shahu
Lahore, Pakistan.